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01:57 AM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
all fixed I can ssh to now. Thx again!


11:57 PM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
I was able to connect with openvpn, can ssh to Thanks! However, sshd doesn't recog...
07:09 PM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
I did as you suggested, here's the new client output, which was obtained as follows:
[bengland@bene-laptop openvpn...


12:33 PM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
sorry I missed the e-mail saying you had responded. I specified that my ssh public key was ben@bene-laptop but it is...


09:28 PM sepia Support #26935 (Resolved): Sepia Lab Access Request
I'm making this request because my Sepia VPN access stopped working,
when I do: openvpn --config sepia/client.conf...


03:02 PM RADOS Bug #23510 (Resolved): rocksdb spillover for hard drive configurations
version: ceph-*-12.2.1-34.el7cp.x86_64
One of Bluestore's best use cases is to accelerate performance for writes o...
02:29 PM Ceph Documentation #14730: description of upgrade procedure - stopping/starting OSDs
Should I submit a PR on the documentation? This seems very important to document. it's been 2 years. By now system...
02:26 PM rbd Bug #18768: rbd rm on empty volumes 2/3 sec per volume
This issue was submitted against kernel RBD in Ceph Jewel, but the kernel RBD implementation has changed. The object...


01:24 PM bluestore Bug #23251: ceph daemon osd.NNN slow_used_bytes and slow_total_bytes wrong?
Thanks for responding, I didn't realize that, thought from looking at code that it was used for data as well. You ca...


07:52 PM bluestore Bug #23251 (Rejected): ceph daemon osd.NNN slow_used_bytes and slow_total_bytes wrong?
version: ceph-osd-12.2.1-34.el7cp.x86_64 = RHCS 3.0z1
In trying to understand ceph daemon osd.NNN perf dump counte...

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