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04:57 PM RADOS Support #36614: Cluster uses substantially more space after rebalance (erasure codes)
since you've identified that this is an RBD workload, assigning it to that project so that RBD team notices it. HTH.


01:05 PM RADOS Support #36614: Cluster uses substantially more space after rebalance (erasure codes)
How are you writing these objects? Most sites that used EC were using RGW, but I don't see all the pools that go wit...


01:57 AM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
all fixed I can ssh to now. Thx again!


11:57 PM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
I was able to connect with openvpn, can ssh to Thanks! However, sshd doesn't recog...
07:09 PM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
I did as you suggested, here's the new client output, which was obtained as follows:
[bengland@bene-laptop openvpn...


12:33 PM sepia Support #26935: Sepia Lab Access Request
sorry I missed the e-mail saying you had responded. I specified that my ssh public key was ben@bene-laptop but it is...


09:28 PM sepia Support #26935 (Resolved): Sepia Lab Access Request
I'm making this request because my Sepia VPN access stopped working,
when I do: openvpn --config sepia/client.conf...


03:02 PM RADOS Bug #23510 (Resolved): rocksdb spillover for hard drive configurations
version: ceph-*-12.2.1-34.el7cp.x86_64
One of Bluestore's best use cases is to accelerate performance for writes o...
02:29 PM Ceph Documentation #14730: description of upgrade procedure - stopping/starting OSDs
Should I submit a PR on the documentation? This seems very important to document. it's been 2 years. By now system...
02:26 PM rbd Bug #18768: rbd rm on empty volumes 2/3 sec per volume
This issue was submitted against kernel RBD in Ceph Jewel, but the kernel RBD implementation has changed. The object...

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