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07:55 PM Ceph Revision d9a150b1 (ceph): rgw: fix memory fragmentation problem reading data from client.
mg_read returns 0 on EOF. In some versions of civetweb, mg_read can
return "short" reads. The logic in the rest of ...


09:32 PM rgw Bug #23207: rgw: inefficient buffer usage for PUTs
Matt suggested that it might be best to apply this fix to master - that way it doesn't matter what behavior a particu...
08:47 PM rgw Bug #23207: rgw: inefficient buffer usage for PUTs
I checked a copy of master. It does not have the problem. I'll need to do more checking; this is a mutant master li...


10:59 PM rgw Bug #23207: rgw: inefficient buffer usage for PUTs
I updated my PR. I moved the fill loop down from just the put-object code path to just above mg_read(). I don't bel...
06:29 AM rgw Bug #23207 (Pending Backport): rgw: inefficient buffer usage for PUTs
At least in jewel using swift, radosgw is very inefficient about its buffering process. In RGWPutObj_ObjStore::get_d...


08:13 AM rgw Feature #23162: Curl+OpenSSL support in RGW
I've made a PR for master with the same changes for CURL* and openssl/ubuntu.
05:25 AM Ceph Revision 0c5cee19 (ceph): rgw: reuse CURL* for keystone.
When using keystone with https (the recommended setting),
it is inefficient to start up a new SSL connection for
05:23 AM Ceph Revision cb12e1af (ceph): build/link against curl w/ openssl not nss or gnutls. (debian)
curl + gnutls has some big significant performance hits at least
when doing keystone validation. nss has long-term m...
12:21 AM rgw Feature #23162: Curl+OpenSSL support in RGW
I've made a PR against jewel:
I will have another PR against master later to...


10:08 PM rgw Feature #23162: Curl+OpenSSL support in RGW
Well, this needs a description, so here goes.
When rgw makes outbound http requests, it uses libcurl. For keyston...

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