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12:42 AM Ceph Revision c4ac0d64 (ceph): Merge pull request #17832 from rzarzynski/wip-rgw-18977-luminous
luminous: rgw: list_objects() honors end_marker regardless of namespace.


07:36 AM rgw Bug #21565: rgw:Multipart upload may failed when object size is large and near quota byte limit
I have a revised PR here,


08:12 PM Ceph Revision b4c0ef0d (ceph): Merge pull request #17959 from gaosibei/branch2
RGW: Multipart upload may double the quota


10:30 PM Ceph Revision 61f292ec (ceph): Merge pull request #17958 from gaosibei/branch1
RGW: fix a bug about inconsistent unit of comparison


09:12 PM Ceph Bug #21607 (New): rgw: s3 v4 auth fails teuthology s3-tests: test_object_header_acl_grants test_b...
When running teuthology s3-tests with the environment variable "S3_USE_SIGV4=1", awsv4 signatures are enabled.
09:04 PM Ceph Revision c11485e1 (ceph): radosgw: fix awsv4 header line sort order.
The awsv4 signature calculation includes a list of header lines, which
are supposed to be sorted. The existing code ...


09:37 PM Ceph Feature #17730: use leveldb_repair_db()/rocksdb_repair_db() to repair leveldb corruptions
Um, so how far along are we on this? I had a mon blow up on this, and had to build a copy of "ldb" to fix my setup (...


03:31 PM Ceph Revision 18e8d20d (ceph): rgw: fix marker encoding problem.
For object names that contain / and %, it is possible in
some circumstances (at least with boto) for "listobjects"
03:27 PM Ceph Revision 34cf0139 (ceph): rgw: fix marker encoding problem.
For object names that contain / and %, it is possible in
some circumstances (at least with boto) for "listobjects"


01:15 AM rgw Bug #20447: rgw: S3 object uploads using aws-sdk-java 1.11 to do chunked transfers fail.
Turns out this issue does not appear in Jewel: it was introduced in kraken. So no jewel backport necessary. I've no...

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