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09:02 PM Ceph Revision 15ce0772 (ceph): messages/MOSDPing: optimize encode and decode of dummy payload
The dummy payload doesn't need to be processed, we can just skip over
it when decoding and we can use a single buffer...
09:00 PM Ceph Revision d959735a (ceph): messages/MOSDPing: fix the inflation amount calculation
If user specifies a min_message_size small enough (or zero to disable
it altogether), OSDs will crash and burn while ...
02:28 PM Ceph Revision 44b7839c (ceph): OSD: mark two heartbeat config opts as observed
"osd heartbeat min size" and "osd heartbeat interval" can be changed
at runtime, because their values, when used, are...


09:39 AM Ceph Revision 9b5a1a4a (ceph): inline_memory: optimized mem_is_zero for non-X64
mem_is_zero is fast for X64 where 128-bit registers are available,
but it's very easy to optimze it for 32-bit Intel ...


03:53 PM Ceph Revision 756b3d59 (ceph): doc: document perf historgrams
Documentation for perf histograms schema and dump.
Signed-off-by: Piotr Dałek <>


07:03 AM Ceph Revision 33afac48 (ceph): buffer, osd: add missing crc cache miss perf counter
This helps tracking if/how effective is the CRC cache in bufferlists.
Signed-off-by: Piotr Dałek <piotr.dalek@corp.o...


03:58 PM Ceph Revision 63515456 (ceph): Finisher: fix uninitialized variable warning
This silences the following warning: In member function ‘void*


12:50 PM Ceph Revision ccba64ba (ceph): os/bluestore: use denc for varint encoding
This changes remaining bluestore types to use new denc code, getting
rid of the old and slow small_encoding.h code in...


03:24 PM Ceph Revision 1645baf6 (ceph): ReplicatedPG: use new fiemap interface
Reduce memory allocator load during sparse reads and recovery by not
encoding sparse file extents from map into buffe...
03:19 PM Ceph Revision 52cc9ad0 (ceph): ObjectStore, *Store: extend fiemap interface
This extends fiemap interface in objectstore and all data stores so
it's possible to pass in the map used later by ca...

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