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12:29 PM RADOS Feature #22448 (Resolved): Visibility for snap trim queue length
Already merged to master, luminous and jewel.
12:28 PM RADOS Backport #22449 (Resolved): jewel: Visibility for snap trim queue length


10:02 AM Ceph Revision 65da5ba2 (ceph): log: disk write coalescing
When loglevel is high enough to produce tons of events per second,
sub-sector sized writes are one of bottleneck. Fix...


11:09 AM Ceph Revision 061f28c6 (ceph): options: add bounds and description to osd heartbeat interval
Previously this var was unbounded, meaning that rogue injectargs
could kill the cluster. Also, add a description to i...
11:03 AM Ceph Revision 8ecfe199 (ceph): osd: fix heartbeat crash due to divide by zero
As nothing prevents osd heartbeat interval from being 0 or less, it's
possible to crash single OSD/entire cluster usi...


08:28 AM RADOS Backport #22449 (In Progress): jewel: Visibility for snap trim queue length
08:27 AM Ceph Revision 54a8b2c9 (ceph): osd/PrimaryLogPG: dump snap_trimq size
One can just parse the snap_trimq string, but that's much more
expensive than just reading an unsigned int.
This is ...
08:13 AM RADOS Backport #22449: jewel: Visibility for snap trim queue length
I don't think it's possible to backport entire feature without breaking Jewel->Luminous upgrade, so just first commit...


03:37 PM Ceph Revision 49003989 (ceph): test/librados: new tests for new apis
Unit tests for new apis:
* rados_omap_get_next2
* rados_write_op_omap_cmp2
* rados_write_op_omap_set2
* rados_write_...


11:27 AM Ceph Revision 253dfd5f (ceph): librados: extend C API for so it accepts keys with NUL chars
Librados C API functions that operate on OMAP accept key values that
are NUL-terminated. This makes them unsuitable f...

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