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08:01 AM Ceph Backport #21864 (In Progress): jewel: ceph-conf: dump parsed config in plain text or as json


08:30 AM Ceph Feature #21862 (Pending Backport): ceph-conf: dump parsed config in plain text or as json
ceph-conf is missing a possibility to dump entire pre-parsed configs. This...


10:28 AM Ceph Revision 951434f3 (ceph): tools/ceph-conf: dump parsed config in plain text or as json
This is useful for finding differences between ceph.conf on disk
and in osd/mon memory.
Signed-off-by: Piotr Dałek <...


11:04 AM RADOS Bug #21354 (Closed): Possible bug in interval_set.intersect_of()
Closing, as the real reason for the issue was a git-merge that went wrong, leaving extra "insert(start, en-start);" c...


03:44 PM RADOS Bug #21354 (Closed): Possible bug in interval_set.intersect_of()
I've been working on different kind of optimization of pg_pool_t::build_removed_snaps (that gets rid of intersect int...


08:55 PM Ceph Revision 6afc947f (ceph): rbd: parallelize rbd ls -l
When a cluster contains a large number of images, "rbd ls -l" takes a
long time to finish. In my particular case, it ...


07:45 AM Ceph Revision b57fb1ee (ceph): PendingReleaseNotes: mention forced recovery
Mention forced recovery in release notes.
Signed-off-by: Piotr Dałek <>


07:20 AM RADOS Bug #20808: osd deadlock: forced recovery
Possible fix:
Does it look reasonable? I...
07:18 AM RADOS Bug #19512: Sparse file info in filestore not propagated to other OSDs
Enabled FIEMAP/SEEK_HOLE in QA here:


08:08 AM Ceph Revision e765dc37 (ceph): kill implicit string conversion
This gets rid of implicit c-string to std::string conversions, as
they are expensive and unnecessary anyway.

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