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07:57 AM Ceph Revision 989abb0b (ceph): common/ConfUtils: check key before actually normalizing
Key normalization involves some copying and strlens, and these are
Check if key contain whitespaces, norma...


01:56 PM Ceph Revision 9c9347be (ceph): common/config: limit calls to normalize_key_name
It's not the most expensive thing in that module, but it's redundant
in _get_val, as it's later done also in _get_val...


11:23 AM RADOS Backport #22450 (In Progress): luminous: Visibility for snap trim queue length
10:46 AM Ceph Revision 127236f6 (ceph): options, Mon: monitor the snap trim queues
If new option "mon osd snap trim queue warn on" is set to value larger
than 0 (32768 by default), cluster will go int...
10:46 AM Ceph Revision ca4413de (ceph): osd, PG: share the snaptrimq.size() within pg_stat_t
That way it will be unnecessary to go through all pgs separately
to find pgs with excessively long snap trim queues. ...
10:46 AM Ceph Revision faeb81cd (ceph): osd/PrimaryLogPG: dump snap_trimq size
One can just parse the snap_trimq string, but that's much more
expensive than just reading an unsigned int.


10:04 AM Ceph Revision 0230fe67 (ceph): don't store 32 least siognificant bits of state twice
a25221e55172c326b48dea6f08c16d700921864e introduced a new, 64bit
pg state field, retaining encoding and decoding of l...
09:28 AM Ceph Revision ae7472fb (ceph): reorder encoding/decoding of fields in pg_stat_t
Fields state, purged_snaps and snaptrimq_len are new to Mimic.
Reorder them in a way that newest field (snaptrimq_len...


07:46 AM Ceph Wiki edit: CDM_03-JAN-2018 (#4)


12:10 PM RADOS Feature #22448: Visibility for snap trim queue length
@Nathan: yeah, sorry, I thought this process is more manual.

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