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10:59 AM Ceph Bug #21399 (New): ceph-mgr module(s) inaccessible after a reboot
I've enabled and secured the RESTful API and verified that I can access its web UI at https://<active-mgr-node-ip-add...
10:25 AM Ceph Bug #21398 (Resolved): Deleting keys doesn't work (RESTful plug-in)
An attempt to delete a key by using the "ceph restful delete-key <key>" fails with the following error:


02:59 PM fs Bug #21007 (Resolved): The ceph fs set mds_max command must be udpated
Patch merged:
02:37 PM Ceph Revision 2e46cc70 (ceph): doc: Improve the ceph fs set max_mds command
Signed-off-by: Bara Ancincova <>


09:54 AM fs Bug #21007 (Need Review): The ceph fs set mds_max command must be udpated
Created this PR:
08:14 AM fs Bug #21007 (Resolved): The ceph fs set mds_max command must be udpated
Copied from Bugzilla:
Ramakrishnan Periyasamy 2017-08-16 09:14:21 CEST
Description of problem:
Upstream docume...


09:49 AM Ceph Revision 706de54d (ceph): doc: Change the default values of some OSD options
These values were changed to reflect this change a3f9cba
Signed-off-by: ...


11:14 AM Ceph Documentation #20199 (Feedback): [doc] Default values in docu does not reflect changes in the sou...
Created this patch:
(not sure what...


09:29 PM Ceph Revision f9a1954e (ceph): doc: additional edits in FUSE client config
Signed-off-by: Bara Ancincova (
(cherry picked from commit b6cad3364c020abd3acf906643fa0b6cbb862a0a)
09:29 PM Ceph Revision 018649f8 (ceph): doc: Dirty data are not the same as corrupted data
Signed-off-by: Bara Ancincova (
(cherry picked from commit 80db40f8559128baadad42b925ae813e51a31409)

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