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05:40 PM mgr Bug #20322 (Rejected): All cephtool tests fail on master with "tell mgr.x restful create-key admi...
Attempting to run make check on my local machine (or ctest), I get failures in, cephtool-test-mo...


03:25 PM Ceph Revision 4b4ec58e (ceph): Merge pull request #15607 from joke-lee/fix_bucket_policy_IfExists
rgw: fix rgw bucket policy IfExists position
Reviewed By: Adam C. Emerson <>


04:54 PM Ceph Revision 6cad64af (ceph): Merge pull request #15586 from adamemerson/wip-ex-ML
rgw: Remove spurious XML header for GetBucketPolicy
Reviewed-by: Orit Wasserman <>
03:37 PM Ceph Revision 6eb78223 (ceph): rgw: Remove spurious XML header for GetBucketPolicy
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>


05:35 PM Ceph Bug #20112 (Resolved): Use boost::regex instead of std::regex for and
05:29 PM Ceph Revision 7059b9b2 (ceph): Merge pull request #15498 from adamemerson/wip-fixation
test: Fix narrowing conversion
rgw: Support certain archaic and antiquated distributions
Reviewed-by: Kefu Chai <kch...
04:11 PM Ceph Revision af8d9bdf (ceph): rgw: Support certain archaic and antiquated distributions
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>
03:37 PM Ceph Revision 42fb84b8 (ceph): test: Fix narrowing conversion
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>


03:22 PM Ceph Revision 9fba0f1f (ceph): osdc: Use Finisher::enqueue from Objecter mostly
Make DoWatchError and DoWatchNotify function objects instead of
Context*s. Since one is three pointers large and one ...
03:22 PM Ceph Revision e38b2a58 (ceph): finisher: Work with functions
We use a vector of unique functions instead of contexts, contexts are just
lambda captured. (Which doesn't take up an...

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