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08:29 PM rgw Bug #21896: Bucket policy evaluation is not carried out for DeleteBucketWebsite
Fixed in
08:09 PM rgw Bug #21896 (Need Review): Bucket policy evaluation is not carried out for DeleteBucketWebsite


08:08 PM Ceph Revision 14c3f3c2 (ceph): zstd: Upgrade to v1.3.2
This buys us fixes for a few memory errors and asserts and also
improves the CMake build script so it doesn't mostly ...
06:43 PM Ceph Revision bda3c267 (ceph): OSD: Silence unused variable warnings
Even though extending the lifetime of this temporary delays execution
of its destructor, the compiler does not consid...
05:59 PM Ceph Revision 87b4d164 (ceph): kvstore_tool: Create default constructor
Clang4 does not recognize a constructor with all arguments defaulted
as a default constructor in some circumstances.
05:15 PM Ceph Revision c40953f6 (ceph): test/cls_journal: Fix reversed std::string constructor arguments
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>


08:21 PM Ceph Revision b3118cab (ceph): rgw: Remove assertions in IAM Policy
A couple of them could be triggered by user input.
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>
06:43 PM Ceph Revision bbefcc2f (ceph): config: Remove _get_val
I added this originally to prevent a deadlock when reading a new-style
configuration variable from a called observer....


12:49 AM Ceph Revision afaf48a2 (ceph): log: Mark timestamps for coarseness and print appropriately
Have each timestamp know whether it's coarse or fine. Print six figures
for fine stamps and three for coarse.
12:49 AM Ceph Revision 0f8606b4 (ceph): log: Add log_coarse_timestamps option
And set up an observer in CephContext to coarsen/refine time stamps as
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <ae...

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