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02:53 AM Ceph Revision dd8aec3c (ceph): throttle: Do not destroy condition variables with waiters
Destroying a condition variable on which someone is waiting is Undefined
Behavior. it's bad and terrible and awful. O...
02:53 AM Ceph Revision 793ba044 (ceph): common: Automatic reference to PerfCounters
PerfCountersRef is a unique_ptr using a deleter that unregisters the
managed PerfCounters on deletion.
02:53 AM Ceph Revision 33a1da6e (ceph): scope_guard: Support in-place construction and one-shots
Kefu Chai just pointed out this exists so I just rolled the in-place variants of the
'ward' function I'd written into...
02:53 AM Ceph Revision 49f3d58b (ceph): common: Add in_place_t/in_place_type_t from C++17
To better signal in-place construction among other overloads.
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>
02:39 AM Ceph Revision fa99d3f1 (ceph): {os,mds,common}: Disambiguate std::max and ceph::max
There will be a more thorough reckoning regarding namespaces later.
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <aemerson@redhat....
02:39 AM Ceph Revision d08191e2 (ceph): common: Add locking template functions and macros
These infer the type of the unique/shared/shunique lock from the type of
the mutex.
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <...


01:39 AM Ceph Revision 235ab822 (ceph): rgw: Fix the last policy use-after-free
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>
(cherry picked from commit 5353d952683a5a13a681c594e119b570bfdc3...
01:39 AM Ceph Revision c99a8600 (ceph): rgw: Fix another use after free
This one was caused by iterator invalidation in set operations. In
this case just replace the set entirely with a bit...
01:39 AM Ceph Revision 39ae5560 (ceph): rgw: Fix use after free in IAM policy parser
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>
(cherry picked from commit 8377ba6525de5ebfe33a7dda14f17d96e8ac4...


09:48 PM Ceph Revision 5353d952 (ceph): rgw: Fix the last policy use-after-free
Signed-off-by: Adam C. Emerson <>

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