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03:13 PM ovh Tasks #18398 (Resolved): change contact email
Contact email changed!


07:06 PM ovh Tasks #18398 (In Progress): change contact email
I've changed the address to a redhat mailing list that'll go to me, Zack, and Dan.
Can you PM me the verification ...
06:18 PM sepia Bug #18443 (Resolved): can't nuke or power cycle smithi103
BMC had locked up. I powercycled the machine at the PDU level and reimaged the host after it came back.


10:32 PM sepia Support #18442 (New): Add CentOS 7.3 Cloud image to when available
09:31 PM sepia Tasks #15509: create a read-only access to paddles postgresql database
I'm aiming to get this done when the Sepia lab has to move. The tentative schedule for this is the second week of Fe...


09:24 PM sepia Bug #18382: Impossible to install ceph (hammer) on Xenial
Nathan Cutler wrote:
> The python-rados, etc. packages are present in that repo, yet the "apt-get install" command i...
06:40 PM ceph-qa-suite Bug #18421: update centos distro version to centos 7.3
This is a duplicate of
As soon as there is a 7.3 cloud image for CentOS, I'll...
06:15 PM Ceph Bug #18416: "Error: Package: 1:ceph-selinux-10.2.0-0.el7.x86_64 (ceph)" in upgrade:jewel-x-kraken...
Just for posterity, I believe the problem here is when minor distro version is not specified, 7.0 is the default OS v...
12:00 AM sepia Bug #18423 (Resolved): can't nuke mira035
SMART shows disks are healthy. Reimaged host and released.


04:36 PM sepia Support #17427 (Closed): Sepia Lab Access Request
Closing this since I haven't heard back.

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