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10:39 PM sepia Bug #18089: tests failing with failure to get older package versions
Yep that was my fault. I somehow managed to delete all the packages for that repo.
I re-pushed them and added the...
10:22 PM sepia Bug #18357 (Resolved): smithi043 nvme
NVMe card was replaced
10:22 PM sepia Bug #18974 (Resolved): smithi130 ansible error
Reimaged host and it's passing jobs
10:05 PM ceph-ansible Bug #18981: Don't try to install ceph-fs-common in kraken or later
The problem here is the 'ceph-fs-common' package. It's not in the chacra repo because it's not built anymore: http:/...
09:57 PM ceph-ansible Bug #18981: Don't try to install ceph-fs-common in kraken or later
Let's manually try to install....
09:39 PM ceph-ansible Bug #18981: Don't try to install ceph-fs-common in kraken or later
06:40 PM sepia Bug #18974: smithi130 ansible error
Pass/fail ratio on this machine is 0:283 over the past 14 days (ouch). No other smithi testnodes come close to that ...
06:38 PM sepia Bug #18974 (In Progress): smithi130 ansible error
Found this in ansible log. Looks like bad repos are getting leftover from previous runs....


08:46 PM sepia Support #18934 (New): Additional vCPUs for teuthology VM
Need to do this when we can afford to reboot the teuthology VM....
06:17 PM Ceph Bug #17826: ceph-init syntax error breaks package remove, daemon stop
Here's another case of nuke failing:
Note that ceph-common is explicitly removed early ...

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