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06:50 PM Ceph Revision b655c318 (ceph): RGW Python bindings - use explicit array
Older Cython doesn't to implicit simple arrays, so use an explicit array
for stat output.
Revert change removing sta...


10:31 AM Ceph Revision 86eef272 (ceph): Allow building RGW with LDAP disabled
Signed-off-by: Daniel Gryniewicz <>
(cherry picked from commit 38abfcb5d036c050a363533a2c7b658d528d3612)


06:15 PM Ceph Revision 5a30f11d (ceph): rgw - Add config for testing lifecycle expiration
Signed-off-by: Daniel Gryniewicz <>


01:04 PM Ceph Revision 77853a41 (ceph): Lifecycle testing
Add new config option - rgw_lc_debug_interval - that modifies the
lifecycle algorithm. It treats days as being the c...
01:04 PM Ceph Revision 1707da26 (ceph): Lifecycle - Fix config locking
The lifecycle config lock was not setting a cookie. This means that all
instances of that lock conflict, causing err...


04:00 PM Ceph Revision 57fa3b35 (ceph): Allow compressor build without YASM
The isa-l compressors need YASM to build. Conditionalize on that.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Gryniewicz <>


07:46 PM rgw Backport #16447: jewel: default quota fixes
I've created a PR with this backport here:


12:30 PM rgw Backport #16448: hammer: default quota fixes
The proper solution, I believe, is to include this commit as well:


03:34 PM Ceph Revision bc299e56 (ceph): Clean up lifecycle thread
Make sure that the lifecycle thread is terminated and all memory is
cleaned up on shutdown.
Signed-off-by: Daniel Gr...


12:39 PM rgw Backport #16815 (Resolved): radosgw-admin region-map set is not reporting the bucket quota correc...
The output of the region-map command is not showing the correct bucket quo...

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