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04:16 PM rgw Bug #24544: change default rgw_thread_pool_size to 512
04:08 PM rgw Bug #24544 (New): change default rgw_thread_pool_size to 512


06:01 PM Ceph Revision c7bd6f02 (ceph): cephfs: deprecate ceph mds deactivate
MDS deactivation is now handled by the max_mds parameter. Deprecate
ceph mds deactivate and note it to be removed in ...
06:01 PM Ceph Revision 7d97a6e6 (ceph): cephfs: kill allow_dirfrags
As dirfrags are now standard in CephFS, remove the machinery for
tracking and enabling this feature.
ceph fs set <fs...
06:01 PM Ceph Revision ae3992ce (ceph): cephfs: Kill allow_multimds
With multi-mds now declared stable, allow_multimds now defaults to 1.
Given the max_mds parameter, it is now redundan...
06:01 PM Ceph Revision a950bccf (ceph): cephfs: Change behavior of cluster_down flag
Setting the cluster_down flag will now set all active MDS
to standby and clearing it will restore the previous max_md...
06:01 PM Ceph Revision 7b2e24f5 (ceph): mon/FSCommands: Set extra MDS to standby
When reducing max_mds, deactivate any MDS rank greater than the
new value of max_mds.
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller ...
06:01 PM Ceph Revision 0a595609 (ceph): cephfs: Health check changes
Issue the HEALTH_WARN MDS_UP_LESS_THAN_MAX whenever an MDS cluster
has fewer than its max_mds online.
Issue the HEAL...
06:01 PM Ceph Revision dc073a1c (ceph): mon/MDSMonitor: Remove command support for legacy syntax
No longer check for commands for deprecated legacy filesystems.
These commands are long since deprecated and this cod...


03:02 PM fs Bug #23567 (Need More Info): MDSMonitor: successive changes to max_mds can allow hole in ranks
Was this before or after ?

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