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06:59 PM Linux kernel client Subtask #20669 (Need Review): add support for filtered statfs in kernel client


06:38 PM Ceph Revision 552225f3 (ceph): qa/cephfs: Fix race in test_volume_client
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller <>
03:10 PM Ceph Revision f249e3d2 (ceph): doc/cephfs: Document ceph auth fs
Change the CephFS auth caps documentation to reflect the new ceph auth
fs command.
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller <df...


09:45 PM Ceph Revision e697636e (ceph): cephfs: Clarify health warning
Add text to MDS_INSUFFICIENT STANDBY to clarify it refers
to MDS daemons.
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller <dfuller@red...
06:11 PM Ceph Revision b9d11af9 (ceph): qa/cephfs: Test filtered df
Add a test for filtered df for file systems with single data pools.
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller <>
06:11 PM Ceph Revision 8f33e3bc (ceph): PendingReleaseNotes: add note about df filtering
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller <>
06:11 PM Ceph Revision aeeeb43d (ceph): client: Support new, filtered MStatfs
When statfs() is called for a filesystem with a single data pool,
add that as an argument to receive statistics for t...
06:11 PM Ceph Revision 76fc99a0 (ceph): objecter: Support new, filtered MStatfs
Extend the Objecter's StatfsOp to support MStatfs::data_pool. This
requests statistics for a single data pool in the ...
06:11 PM Ceph Revision 4aef4eab (ceph): mon/PGMap stats: Support new, filtered MStatfs
MStatfs now includes an optional data pool element for filesystems
with a single data pool, support this element and ...
02:02 PM Ceph Revision 575d613e (ceph): messages: Add optional data pool to MStatfs
Bump encoding version accordingly.
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller <>

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