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06:40 PM RADOS Feature #21760: add tools to stress RADOS omap


05:32 PM RADOS Feature #21760 (In Progress): add tools to stress RADOS omap


01:37 PM RADOS Feature #21760 (In Progress): add tools to stress RADOS omap
Add the tools omap_create and omap_delete to stress the RADOS object map directly.


05:48 PM RADOS Feature #21710 (New): add wildcard for namespaces
implement * wildcard to allow access to namespaces starting with a given string
allow rw namespace=cephfs_a*
05:46 PM fs Feature #15066: multifs: Allow filesystems to be assigned RADOS namespace as well as pool for met...
we should default to using a namespace named after the filesystem unless otherwise specified.
05:45 PM fs Feature #21709 (New): ceph fs authorize should detect the correct data namespace
when per-FS data namespaces are enabled, ceph fs authorize should be updated to issue caps for them


08:38 AM Ceph Revision 105f82d5 (ceph): qa/tasks/cephfs: Whitelist POOL_APP_NOT_ENABLED for test_misc
test_misc verifies that ceph fs new will not create a filesystem
on a pool that already contains objects. As part of ...
08:37 AM Ceph Revision 4bb1d893 (ceph): qa/cephfs: Fix error in test_filtered_df
ceph df accounts for pool size, so there is no need to do it in the test.
03:40 AM Ceph Revision 847cb769 (ceph): qa/cephfs: Refactor alternate pool test
Remove the alternate pool recovery test from test_data_scan. Newer
commits will place the test in its own file.
03:40 AM Ceph Revision 3342ba0c (ceph): qa/cephfs: test CephFS recovery pools
Test recovering metadata in to a separate RADOS pool with
cephfs_data_scan and friends.
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fulle...

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