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07:07 PM Ceph Revision 07339e2d (ceph): qa/cephfs: Add tests to validate scrub functionality
Add tests to ensure the scrub operation is not adversly affected
by certain metadata pathologies.
Signed-off-by: Dou...


05:51 PM Ceph Revision f7fb5662 (ceph): cephfs: Add option to load invalid metadata from disk
Add an option, mds_allow_loading_invalid_metadata, for testing
to bypass sanity checks on metadata loaded from RAODS....


04:14 PM Ceph Revision 4f5c8b60 (ceph): cephfs: Reset scrub data when inodes move
If an inode currently on the ScrubStack is moved, it may be
initialized again, causing an assert. Instead, remove the...


07:15 PM fs Tasks #22291 (New): add metadata thrasher to qa suite
Add a tool to qa suite, possibly based on smallfile ( to run filesystem operat...
06:56 PM fs Bug #22288 (Need Review): mds: assert when inode moves during scrub
04:03 PM fs Bug #22288 (In Progress): mds: assert when inode moves during scrub
03:40 PM fs Bug #22288 (Pending Backport): mds: assert when inode moves during scrub
If an inode moves while on the scrub stack, it can be enqueued a second time and hit:
mds/ 4153: FAILED ...


06:26 PM Ceph Revision 447b3d48 (ceph): mon/AuthMonitor: improve error message
Improve the error message for 'ceph fs authorize' where the
given entity exists but has different auth caps.
Fixes: ...
06:13 PM fs Bug #21765 (Need Review): auth|doc: fs authorize error for existing credentials confusing/unclear
Added to


03:48 PM Ceph Revision d395daa0 (ceph): mon/OSDMonitor: disallow "all" as a key or value name
This avoids conflict with the wildcard "all" used for
OSD auth caps.
Signed-off-by: Douglas Fuller <>

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