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09:02 PM Ceph-deploy Bug #22675 (New): cleanup ceph-deploy docs preflight documentation
1) Cleanup all the unnecessary manual edits of repo mentioned in pre-flight docs


05:30 PM Ceph-deploy Bug #22463: "zap command needs both HOSTNAME and DISK but got "None vpm099:vdb"" in ceph-deploy-l...
yuriw - if you can test and merge this one here, needs backports that went in master


12:14 AM teuthology Bug #22489: ceph_ansible installations may not work with rgw tasks.
rgw task doesn't work with ceph-ansible task because it sets up daemons later in the code and it also relies on all t...


06:13 PM Infrastructure Subtask #22367: update new ssh key for rakesh
Hi David,
Can you also add this user name for octo project access.


02:26 AM sepia Bug #22347 (Resolved): unable to unlock ovh051
i had reserved an ovh node few days back but couldn't login, i am trying to unlock but that fails too...


06:44 PM sepia Support #22328: further simplify lvm creation
David that is safe to assume we can leave out /dev/sda or any root device. Thanks


09:56 PM sepia Support #22328 (Resolved): further simplify lvm creation
with recent addition of lvm support for both ceph-deploy and ceph-ansible, I think we can have all machines(vps,ovh,m...


12:37 AM devops Bug #22304 (New): Transaction check error when upgrading from jewel -> luminous -> master
1) intial cluster setup with jewel(stable) and then upgraded to luminous,
2) cluster in healthy state and kernel_tar...


01:15 AM ceph-volume Bug #22302: selinux denials with ceph-deploy/ceph-volume lvm device
probably dev="dm-1"/"dm-2"
01:09 AM ceph-volume Bug #22302 (Verified): selinux denials with ceph-deploy/ceph-volume lvm device
I see quite a few selinux denials with ceph-deploy using ceph-volume + lvm devices, this is a new test

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