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06:26 PM ceph-volume Bug #23295: mkfs failure using lv
We need to move this to infrastructure project, I am unable to do this
we are missing xfs on some ovh nodes which ...
06:15 PM ceph-qa-suite Bug #23392 (New): move qa references from to
We still have refrences in qa (probably from jewel or luminous branch) where they download
packages from
05:29 PM fs Bug #23332: kclient: with fstab entry is not coming up reboot
Can someone please check the logs, we are having this issue 50% of the time in sanity runs.


07:53 PM ceph-qa-suite Bug #23363 (New): enable ceph-volume for all tests for master
use ceph-volume in to setup cluster


07:37 PM ceph-volume Bug #23295: mkfs failure using lv
This is another filestore test taht worked, so i am not sure, but i will schedule some more


04:37 PM rgw Bug #23202 (Resolved): radosgw-admin user create failing with return code 5
Related to pg_num or pgp_num being high for the default mon_max_pg_per_osd, we need to have better error message fro...
03:22 AM ceph-volume Bug #23295 (Need More Info): mkfs failure using lv
--data represents a lv volume, the options are as documented in guide.
02:32 AM rgw Bug #21497 (Resolved): boto.exception.S3ResponseError: S3ResponseError: 416 Requested Range Not S...
For anyone who is hitting this issue
set default pg_num and pgp_num to lower value(8 for example), or set mon_max...


11:38 PM RADOS Bug #22351: Couldn't init storage provider (RADOS)
I have another couldn't init storage provider, I think a better error message would definitely benefit in fixing this...
11:36 PM rgw Bug #23202: radosgw-admin user create failing with return code 5
Is this also related to
I think a better error message would help ...

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