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07:42 PM CI Backport #18736: "[ceph_deploy][ERROR ] RuntimeError: HTTP Error 504: Gateway Timeout"
Did you perhaps forget to give a 'branch' value to this run? The code there is trying to pull a repo available for ma...


04:03 PM CI Bug #18182 (Resolved): shaman doesn't show days in UI
03:52 PM CI Bug #18182 (Need Review): shaman doesn't show days in UI


04:12 PM CI Bug #18344: shaman fails to fetch the debian jessie package
Alfredo Deza wrote:
> I am not clear on what sha1 we are looking at. Zack uses a url that seems to have some odd cha...


05:45 PM CI Bug #18294: using 'latest' with shaman failed to find repo
At the time of this ticket only returns a repo for ubuntu, not c...


09:34 PM CI Bug #17943: OVH nodes are coming up in Error state.
We're having troubles again today with nodes requiring an ssd coming up in an Error state, using the SBG1 region.


03:32 PM CI Bug #17959 (Resolved): "Failed to fetch package version from
This is failing to download a kernel package and at the time of this bug I don't believe we were keeping those around...
03:28 PM CI Bug #17946 (Rejected): "Failed to fetch package version from
I don't believe this is a shaman issue, please reopen if you find I'm incorrect.
03:27 PM CI Bug #17729 (Resolved): ceph-release rpms have changed names
This was resolved by using the new repo file generation feature in chacra.
03:26 PM CI Support #17646 (Resolved): Upgrade storage space on
This was completed.

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