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07:49 PM ceph-volume Bug #36492: ceph lvm list reports wrong json from within a container
The additional logging is coming from lvm and seems to only happen when `ceph-volume lvm list` is run through a conta...


04:56 PM Ceph Revision 558bccd1 (ceph): ceph-volume: extracts batch.filter_devices from Batch._get_strategy
This allows us to easily provide tests for that method.
Signed-off-by: Andrew Schoen <>
(cherry pi...
04:56 PM Ceph Revision 3722ad63 (ceph): ceph-volume: failing to get block db size from conf logs an exception
Signed-off-by: Andrew Schoen <>
(cherry picked from commit 172d4af9b97d8d64ce35dc95efb72d9f190bc170)
04:56 PM Ceph Revision 456c0737 (ceph): ceph-volume: when all devices are filtered exit gracefully
Even if all devices are filtered we want to return a 0 exit code and
make sure the json reporting still works.
04:56 PM Ceph Revision c06e3cb9 (ceph): ceph-volume: filter devices used by journals/block.db
If after filterering of data/block devices there are only
one device left it can not be used if it is an SSD and
has ...
04:56 PM Ceph Revision 325191ba (ceph): ceph-volume: add rotational property to Device class
Signed-off-by: Andrew Schoen <>
(cherry picked from commit 7f6bfaaf0cf30a56481d6d67f2fa2a7e785cc344)
04:56 PM Ceph Revision 770454e7 (ceph): ceph-volume: add info about filtered devices to batch pretty reports
Signed-off-by: Andrew Schoen <>
(cherry picked from commit 62426db799c54436c50b5751c8e72b3dbd710a2a)
04:56 PM Ceph Revision 30887b03 (ceph): ceph-volume: remove the used_by_ceph key in the json output
Signed-off-by: Andrew Schoen <>
(cherry picked from commit 3b6d82afe7ee83283b25cefda00c7a59cf5144af)
04:56 PM Ceph Revision 900156aa (ceph): ceph-volume: fix idempotency checks for lvm batch tests
The mixed type tests will change strategy after the idempotency test so
we need to handle that in test playbook.
04:56 PM Ceph Revision b010327d (ceph): ceph-volume: fix bluestore strategy json reporting and type
Signed-off-by: Andrew Schoen <>
(cherry picked from commit b3cf90604d31709996538e612b1767d6fd4da8b5)

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