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02:07 PM Ceph Revision 15c72943 (ceph): Merge pull request #27703 from tchaikov/wip-rbd-replay-denc
rbd_replay: call the member decode() explicitly
Reviewed-by: Jason Dillaman <>
01:07 PM rbd Bug #36626: couldn't rewatch after network was blocked and client blacklisted
The provided log doesn't show any attempt to write IO while the client is blacklisted. Was that part just snipped out...
12:26 PM rbd Bug #39407 (Need Review): [rbd-mirror] "bad crc in data" error when listing large pools
12:23 PM rbd Bug #39407 (Need Review): [rbd-mirror] "bad crc in data" error when listing large pools
If a pool has more than 1024 images, rbd-mirror will issue multiple "mirror_image_list" commands to the OSD. The subs...
12:11 PM Ceph Revision b7c7a4f3 (ceph): Merge pull request #27521 from trociny/wip-rbd-remove-clone_v2-parent
librbd: optionally move parent image to trash on remove
Reviewed-by: Jason Dillaman <>
12:11 PM Ceph Revision 0834078e (ceph): Merge pull request #27484 from majianpeng/rbd-nbd
rbd-nbd: sscanf return 0 mean not-match
Reviewed-by: Jason Dillaman <>


09:41 PM Ceph Bug #39391: Debian/Ubuntu librados2 package does not have symlink
... and the 'ceph:buffer::create*' methods probably should be added to the public API set so that you don't need to l...
09:39 PM CI Bug #39387: ceph-debuginfo on CentOS cannot be installed
@Alfredo: Adding "--no-database" made it work for my local "file://" repo. I don't know how it would scale for the la...
09:36 PM Ceph Bug #39391: Debian/Ubuntu librados2 package does not have symlink
Need to revert 38db3ee6c51ac3978a7dd90aeac0a0cedb617e22
05:16 PM rbd Bug #39031 (Pending Backport): 'rbd mirror status --verbose' will occasionally seg fault

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