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10:18 PM Ceph Bug #21388: inconsistent pg but repair does nothing reporting head data_digest != data_digest fro...

After the deep-scrub, "rados get" give us some errors:
# rados list-inconsistent-obj 58.6c1 --format=json-pretty...


01:08 PM rbd Bug #19871: rbd-nbd: kernel reported invalid device size (0, expected 1073741824)
This should be marked has urgent. The bug was introduced by a minor release of ceph. So what ever the kernel compatib...


02:16 PM RADOS Bug #20616: pre-luminous: aio_read returns erroneous data when rados_osd_op_timeout is set but no...
This can't be reproduced with 12.1.0. So this have been fixed in the meantime.
01:48 PM RADOS Bug #20616 (Pending Backport): pre-luminous: aio_read returns erroneous data when rados_osd_op_ti...
In Gnocchi, with use the python-rados API and we recently encounter some data corruption when "rados_osd_op_ti...


08:15 AM Ceph Revision 5c630e37 (ceph): python-rados: Implements new write_ops
* rados_write_op_create
* rados_write_op_append
* rados_write_op_write_full
* rados_write_op_write
* rados_write_op_r...
08:15 AM Ceph Revision 250e1653 (ceph): python-rados: add some read_op/write_op methods
This change adds python API for the following C methods:
* rados_aio_write_op_operate
* rados_write_op_omap_set
* rad...


01:48 PM Ceph Support #15337 (Closed): OSDs are very unbalanced
we are experiencing that our OSDS are very unbalanced, some of them are filled to 50% and some others go up to...


03:44 PM Ceph Bug #13982: tiering: target_max_bytes won't work as expected once you use 'rbd rm'
I understand that's the expected behavior but this bug report is about fixing this formula [1] to have a working dirt...


06:40 PM Ceph Bug #14009: FAILED assert(old_size == total_chunk_size) in 0.94.5 / strange file size
I have workaround our issue by stopping the three OSDs that crash, and truncate this object to the right size:
cd ...


01:28 PM Ceph Bug #13982 (Won't Fix): tiering: target_max_bytes won't work as expected once you use 'rbd rm'
When 'rbd rm' has been used, "rados df" reports the same objects as before the 'rm' while the used size is decreased ...

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