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09:31 AM Calamari Bug #9347: Icon update
rebased onto v1.3 and PR sent


10:44 AM Calamari Revision 4b1ec2b1 (calamari-clients): Dashboard status icons changed
The status indicator icons which earlier look like checkboxes are replaced.
Fixes: #9347
Signed-off-by: Karnan TC <...
10:44 AM Calamari Revision 807fabf1 (calamari-clients): Font-awesome updated to latest version
Updated Font-awesome to 4.2.0
Signed-off-by: Karnan TC <>


10:43 AM Calamari Revision 884f8c1d (calamari-clients): calamari-client support old and modified df disk usage stat...
Fixes: #10182
Signed-off-by: Karnan TC <>
03:18 AM Calamari Bug #10182 (Need Review): UI: graphwall must query new, then old, df stats as does the backend
03:17 AM Calamari Bug #10182: UI: graphwall must query new, then old, df stats as does the backend
This patch fetches both old and modified variables.
In case of o...


12:40 PM Calamari Revision 70309f39 (calamari-clients): Styles multicluster dropdown UI
Multicluster dropdown positioned and css styling applied.
Signed-off-by: Karnan TC <>


11:22 AM Calamari Revision c5a7fe64 (calamari-clients): Fixes wrong time in log
Date/Time formatting in log fixed.
Month is wrongly placed in the place of minutes.
Fixes: #9993
Signed-off-by: Kar...
03:25 AM Calamari Bug #9993 (Need Review): Calamari UI logs displays wrong time
John Spray: Thanks.
Months misplaced in the place of minutes.


06:48 PM Calamari Revision 509e1b6c (calamari-clients): Health status text replaced by Status Icon
Health status Icons replaces the health text displayed
on the health card of dashboard.
Fixes: #7129

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