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08:06 AM Ceph Revision 2dbf090c (ceph): Merge pull request #22341 from b-ranto/wip-branto-mgr-mimic
[mimic] Sync up ceph-mgr prometheus related changes
Reviewed-by: Jan Fajerski <>
Reviewed-by: Volk...


04:50 PM Ceph Revision fb33246d (ceph): mgr: expose avg data for long running avgs
While exposing the long running avgs, the order of regular and long
running avg data got mixed up resulting in exposi...


12:26 PM Ceph Revision 7c6f5c23 (ceph): prometheus: Expose sum/count pairs for avgs
This patch exposes the long running avgs as sum/count pairs in the
prometheus exporter module.
Signed-off-by: Boris ...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision 21b0b376 (ceph): mgr_module: Deal with long running avgs properly
We have recently started exposing long running avgs with the mgr python
modules but that only covers the total sum, n...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision 5a966c92 (ceph): mgr: Expose avgcount for long running avgs
This provides a basic interface to export avg count for long running
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <branto@re...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision f77df572 (ceph): filestore: Raise the priority of two counters
This raises the priority of
- journal_latency
- queue_transacation_latency_avg
so that they are exposed to the ceph-...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision e70a465c (ceph): prometheus: Fix order of occupation values
When we merged the PR to unify the metadata labels, we forgot to switch
the order of hostname and disk in ceph_disk_o...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision 9fa1177c (ceph): prometheus: Expose number of degraded/misplaced/unfound objects
These come from the pg dump by polling the pg_stas_sum.
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <>
(cherry picke...
12:26 PM Ceph Revision 4ef772dd (ceph): mgr: Expose pg_sum in pg_summary
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <>
(cherry picked from commit 6f2a85e3b312dc60b009bcb509f5983905e802e5)
12:26 PM Ceph Revision c7593731 (ceph): prometheus: Handle the TIME perf counter type metrics
This patch correctly sets the PERFCOUNTER_MASK to 3 so that the
PERFCOUNTER_TIME metrics are not ignored by the mgr_m...

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