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10:35 AM Calamari Revision 6c37a721 (calamari): Use service_type by default
There are other values that can be passed as a service_type like
'client' which are not already covered by the _human...
10:34 AM Calamari Revision bbed4a2a (calamari): Do not emit event to salt bus
We should not emit the events to salt bus, at least not by default. This
avoids an error in the logs when salt is not...
10:33 AM Calamari Revision af00a637 (calamari): Do not tune salt options
There is no point in tuning salt options since we no longer use salt.
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <>
09:06 AM Calamari Revision b9b50e47 (calamari): web: Introduce force_tls option
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <>
08:11 AM Calamari Revision 7ffff0ea (calamari): web: Introduce force_tls option
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <>


12:08 AM Ceph Revision ce2e26d3 (ceph): librbd: Do not instantiate TrimRequest template class
We include in librbd tests at two places:
- operation/
- operation/test_mock...


04:53 PM Ceph Bug #22108: "SELinux denials found" in powercycle-luminous-distro-basic-smithi
Ok, so mac_admin means that systemd is trying to place a label on the system that the kernel does not understand. Tha...


01:35 PM Ceph Revision 059588e7 (ceph): qa/restful: Test pg_num/pgp_num modifications
Signed-off-by: Boris Ranto <>


12:35 PM Ceph Bug #22125: systemctl commands use literal '*'
You are right that disable/enable treats * as literal (and it makes sense there) but we do not use them in the script...


08:51 PM Ceph Bug #22125 (Rejected): systemctl commands use literal '*'
These lines are first interpreted by bash. The commands are supposed to use the literal * for glob (which they do sin...

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