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  • mgr (Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 02/28/2017)



06:11 AM Ceph Revision fa6cd8ae (ceph): mgr/orchestrator_cli: Add service and service-instance start/stop/reload
Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <>
06:09 AM Ceph Revision cf2570ba (ceph): mgr/orchestrator: Add service_action method
This is to facilitate service start/stop/reload (for example,
after altering NFS Ganesha configuration, we need to tr...


12:56 PM Ceph Revision 0b29fbcc (ceph): Revert "spec: fix cython package version to less than 0.29"
This reverts commit 088fbff7df5f77168d3e06a1430d3628bd982d7b.
Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <>
12:30 PM mgr Bug #37472: Cython 0.29 removed support for subinterpreters: raises "ImportError: Interpreter cha...
I have an evil fix:
12:27 PM Ceph Revision 3bde34af (ceph): cmake: remove cython 0.29's subinterpreter check
cython 0.29 introduced a check which prevents multiple python
subinterpreters from loading the same module:


10:06 AM mgr Bug #37472: Cython 0.29 removed support for subinterpreters: raises "ImportError: Interpreter cha...
Lenz Grimmer wrote:
> Unfortunately it seems as if the Cython developers have no intentions to revert this breaking ...
08:22 AM mgr Bug #37584: Get a mgr error when I try to vstart a test cluster will figure out what packages to install based on Build-Depends in the debian control file (for debia...


05:37 AM Ceph Revision b9bf6293 (ceph): mgr/deepsea: check for inflight completions when starting event reader
This handles the case where an operation is inflight, but salt-api dies
(or the connection to salt-api has failed for...
05:37 AM Ceph Revision 0c9dd842 (ceph): mgr/deepsea: mention DeepSea 0.9.9 in docs, cleanup logging & comments
Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <>
04:51 AM mgr Bug #37514: mgr CLI commands block one another (indefinitely if the orchestrator CLI gets stuck i...
It's not just orchestrator CLI commands -- it's all mgr module commands that are forced to execute sequentially. Try ...

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