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  • mgr (Developer, Reporter, Backporter, 02/28/2017)



07:26 AM Ceph-deploy Bug #18164: platform.linux_distribution() fails on distros with /etc/os-release only


07:28 AM Ceph Revision 357dfa59 (ceph): systemd: Add explicit
The PartOf= and WantedBy= directives in the various systemd
unit files and targets create the following logical hiera...


12:25 PM Ceph Bug #20216: mgr: dashboard failure to bind to port 7000 (or whatever) makes mgr exit/fail
Adding the following to src/pybind/mgr/dashboard/ "fixes" the problem....
06:44 AM Ceph Bug #20216: mgr: dashboard failure to bind to port 7000 (or whatever) makes mgr exit/fail
I'll try to do something about this. Looks like cherrypy will call os_.exit() if exceptions are thrown during startu...


06:52 AM Ceph Revision 3e0d1491 (ceph): mgr: load modules in separate python sub-interpreters
This provides a reasonable amount of isolation between mgr
modules. Notably, with this change, it's possible to have...
06:52 AM Ceph Revision f36b0d9d (ceph): mgr: use new Gil class in place of PyGILState_*() API
Prep work for loading modules in separate python sub-interpreters.
According to the Python C API docs, mixing the PyG...


12:44 PM Ceph Revision 4da9b486 (ceph): osd/mon/mds: unify usage text, always use stdout
This unifies the first line of usage text: angle brackets
to indicate a mandatory option, and uppercase ID to match
12:19 PM Ceph Revision 6135c97d (ceph): mgr: add generic --help output
Creating an MgrStandby in order to call its usage() method has
two problems:
1) MgrStandby wants to connect to a run...


03:14 AM mgr Bug #19954 (Resolved): mgr key needs "mon 'allow *'" caps
Prior to and, the mgr k...


03:42 AM mgr Feature #19885: `ceph tell mgr help` failed on Kraken
Sorry, I'm not explaining myself clearly. What I meant was;
- At some time in the past, commands in python module...

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