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08:02 AM rgw Bug #21596: failed CompleteMultipartUpload request does not release lock
This needs backporting to Jewel as well; I'm hitting what looks to be the same issue in DreamObjects, when there are ...


11:10 PM Ceph Bug #21328 (Pending Backport): Performance: Slow OSD startup, heavy LevelDB activity
Many of our OSDs are very slow to start, with a ~2 minute gap between some of the debugging messages.
This can be ...
11:02 PM Ceph Bug #21327 (Need Test): ceph-objectstore-tool: "$OBJ get-omaphdr" and "$OBJ list-omap" scan all p...
The ceph-objectstore-tool positional commands scan all PGs instead of taking the specified PG.
As a workaround, yo...


11:06 PM rgw Bug #21042 (New): Cleanup stale bucket instances
This is for non-multisite/non-federated.
Legacy/large Ceph clusters end up with a LOT of bucket instances that don...
11:01 PM rgw Bug #21041 (New): Stale bucket names in user bucket list.
The list of buckets for some users ends up with buckets that no longer exist sometimes.
There needs to be somethin...


03:54 PM rgw Bug #16463: AWS4 Presigned URL not accepted by RGW
Backport created in
03:50 PM rgw Bug #16463: AWS4 Presigned URL not accepted by RGW
Ah. it gets more fun... fixes this bu...
03:32 PM rgw Bug #16463: AWS4 Presigned URL not accepted by RGW
I just hit this bug, and confirm it's still present in 10.2.9.
It's only occuring because of the awsv4 querystring...
03:32 PM rgw 2.00 hours (Bug #16463 (Resolved): AWS4 Presigned URL not accepted by RGW)


04:09 AM rgw Bug #20980 (Closed): rgw-admin bi purge not removing bucket instance.
This is an older install, migrated up from pre-Hammer to Jewel. Problem occurs on new buckets as well as older bucket...

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