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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
rgw08/13/2017Robin JohnsonDesignBug #16463: AWS4 Presigned URL not accepted by RGW2.00
rgw04/22/2015Robin JohnsonDesignBug #11419: DragonDisk fails to create directories via S3: MissingContentLengthResearched problem in lighttpd and rgw codebase1.00
Ceph07/30/2013Loic DacharyDesignSubtask #5433: Factor out the ReplicatedPG object replication and client IO logic as a PGBackend interfaceread code and document the code path4.00
Ceph07/05/2013Loic DacharyDesignFeature #4929: Erasure encoded placement groupanswer mailing list and write erasure-code.txt5.00
Ceph07/04/2013Loic DacharyDesignFeature #4929: Erasure encoded placement groupanswer mailing list and write erasure-code.txt5.00
Ceph06/20/2013Loic DacharyDesignFeature #4929: Erasure encoded placement groupdocumenting read/write path5.00
Ceph06/18/2013Loic DacharyDesignFeature #4929: Erasure encoded placement groupdiscussions about erasure coding, testing jerasure and writing a summary8.00
Ceph01/03/2013AnonymousDesignBug #3550: mon: Ceph fails to work when IP address is changed on the hostmonmap update works, but osd's are still unhappy1.00
Ceph01/05/2012AnonymousDesignFeature #1879: osd: track list of in-progress requests, log slow onesSame issue as 1823, which has been updated with these details0.00
rbd12/06/2011Wido den HollanderDesignFeature #1790: rbd: have a way of establishing configured mappings at boot time1.00
Ceph08/27/2011Wido den HollanderDesignBug #1432: libvirt: fix definition for rbd params/sources/etc1.00
Ceph08/09/2011Greg FarnumDesignBug #1383: objecter: under some circumstances it requests the wrong map1.00
Ceph08/08/2011Greg FarnumDesignBug #1370: pgmon: PGMap::creating_pgs is not checked on leader election1.00
Ceph08/05/2011Greg FarnumDesignBug #1370: pgmon: PGMap::creating_pgs is not checked on leader electionTook some time to track down what was happening here!1.50
Ceph08/05/2011Greg FarnumDesignBug #1365: pgmon: cannot guarantee new PGs have correct OSDMap creation epochsLooking into possible solutions and the use of last_changed took some time; also started conversion1.00
Ceph08/05/2011Greg FarnumDesignBug #1357: Making many pools and writing to them eventually hangs1.00
fs07/22/2011Greg FarnumDesignBug #1302: mds: mds_caps_wanted vs migration6.00
Ceph01/10/2011Wido den HollanderDesignFeature #697: create rbd libraryDiscussion on IRC with yehudasa0.50
fs11/29/2010Sage WeilDesignSubtask #547: mds: define fsck strategy, required metadata3.00
fs11/22/2010Greg FarnumDesignFeature #91: mds: up:shadow mode2.00
fs11/16/2010Greg FarnumDesignBug #583: cfuse fails snaptest-upchildrealms3.00
Ceph11/14/2010Colin McCabeDesignBug #578: assert triggered on radostool shutdown 1.00
fs11/12/2010Greg FarnumDesignFeature #545: mds: use bloom filter to supplement dirfrag COMPLETE flag1.00
Linux kernel client04/20/2010Greg FarnumDesignFeature #23: fcntl/flock advisory lock support5.00
fs11/27/2017Jos CollinDevelopmentBug #21539: man: missing man page for mount.fuse.ceph3.00
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