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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Ceph04/16/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #40: remove references to [group] and [mount] conf sections from wiki, sample .conf files0.25
fs04/16/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #46: Remove asker from MDiscover1.00
fs04/16/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #44: Make MDS use new connection-based send_message1.50
fs04/15/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #44: Make MDS use new connection-based send_message1.25
Ceph04/15/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentFeature #43: Make OSD use new connection-based 1.50
Ceph04/15/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentFeature #32: msgr: send messages via a Connection*Design too.2.00
Ceph04/14/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentFeature #21: optionally use libatomic for atomic_t7.00
rgw04/14/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentBug #31: Handle mal-formed requests better0.50
Ceph04/13/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentFeature #10: osd: Replace ALLOW_MESSAGES_FROM macroreworking after NPD problem with sessions1.00
Ceph04/12/2010Greg FarnumDevelopmentFeature #10: osd: Replace ALLOW_MESSAGES_FROM macro2.50
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