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21482CephBugNewUrgent"file changed as we read it" in ceph-deploy-jewelceph-deploy
19705CephBugNeed More InfoUrgentUbuntu amd64 client can not discover the ubuntu arm64 ceph cluster
13381CephBugNewHighosd/ 282: FAILED assert(check(oid)) on hammer->jewel upgradeSage Weilupgrade/firefly-hammer-x, upgrade/hammer-x
16681CephFeatureNewHighCreating EC pool using replicated ruleset should perhaps require a force flag
16912CephFixNewHighJewel ceph-dbg packages are missing for Debian-based distributions
17234CephDocumentationNewHighOS reccomendations - jewel updates
19084CephBugNeed More InfoHighCannot Boot: A start job is running for dev-mapper-ceph\x2d\x2dos\x2droot.device
19105CephBugNeed ReviewHighceph-disk prepare fails when the output of parted has got more string attachedceph-disk
15326CephBugNewNormalIncorrect path in /etc/init/ceph-osd.conf leads to misconfigured TCMALLOC_MAX_TOTAL_THREAD_CACHE_BYTES
16405CephBugNewNormal"ceph_disk.main.Error: Device /dev/sdb1 is in use by a device-mapper mapping (dm-crypt?)" / "Failed to create OSDs" during QA suite runsceph-deploy, ceph-disk
16786CephBugNewNormalCompiling with --without-cython seems to produce an entirely broken Ceph CLI, but the Ceph CLI still gets installed.
16787CephBugNewNormalCeph 10.2.2 handles --prefix and --sbindir configure options poorly
16791CephBugNewNormalCeph v10.2.2 build system runs the "arch" command to determine CPU architecture
16883CephFeatureNewNormalomap not supported by ec pools
17235CephDocumentationNewNormalos reccomendations - Xenial 16.04 LTS
17302CephDocumentationNewNormalUndocumented options for rados command
17428CephBugNewNormalsystemd: Incorrect path to in ceph-osd@.service on gentoo
17622CephBugNewNormalBuilding Ceph v10.2.3 with "make" may kill the compiling system
17714CephFeatureNewNormalreweight-by-utilization needs a subtree option
18305CephBugNewNormalceph-osd systemd unit files incompleteLoic Dachary
18486CephFeatureNewNormalRGW: Create users with a tenant via the admin ops api
18741CephSupportNewNormalmoving rgw pools to ssd cache
19226CephBugNewNormalceph-disk: cannot deactivate a directory-based osdLoic Dachary
19242CephBugNewNormalOwnership of /var/run/ceph not set with sysv-init under Jewel
19359CephBugNewNormalceph-disk crate char device instead of partition on diskceph-ansible
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