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36640Need More Infoluminous: Unable to recover from ENOSPC in BlueFSIgor Fedotov
37565Need More Infoluminous: OSD compression: incorrect display of the used disk space
37825In Progressluminous: BlueStore: ENODATA not fully handledAshish Singh
37991In Progressluminous: Compression not working, and when applied OSD disks are failing randomlyIgor Fedotov
38142In Progressluminous: os/bluestore: fixup access a destroy cond cause deadlock or undefine behaviorsPrashant D
38160Newluminous: KernelDevice exclusive lock broken
38188In Progressluminous: deep fsck fails on inspecting very large onodesNathan Cutler
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21731Need More Infoluminous: ceph_test_objectstore fails ObjectStore/StoreTest.Synthetic/1 (filestore) buffer lengths mismatch expected 0x1a2c1 != actual 0x0
25221Need More Infoluminous: common: Cond.h:C_SaferCond does not check done before calling cond.WaitInterval, creating a race conditionPrashant D
36521Need More Infoluminous: ceph-authtool reports 0 caps for any keyring createdNathan Cutler
37741In Progressluminous: rbd-mirror and radosgw packages should requires ceph-basePrashant D
37748Newluminous: Add clear-data-digest command to objectstore tool
37756In Progressluminous: osd/PrimaryLogPG: fix the extent length error of the sync readAshish Singh
37889In Progressluminous: osd/OSDMap: calc_pg_upmaps - potential access violationxie xingguo
37895Newluminous: doc: updated Ceph documentation links
38232In Progressluminous: rgw: Recent commit to master broke the s390x buildNathan Cutler
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22386In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse mount failed because no mds Nathan Cutler
  ceph-volume 1 Collapse all/Expand all
38201In Progressluminous: Change in util/ get_devices() breaks inventory
  devops 2 Collapse all/Expand all
36080Verifiedluminous: aarch64: Compiler-based detection of crc32 extended CPU type is brokenKefu Chai
37612Newluminous: rpm: missing dependency on python34-ceph-argparse from python34-cephfs (and others?)
  fs 13 Collapse all/Expand all
36462Need More Infoluminous: ceph-fuse client can't read or write due to backward cap_gen
37637Newluminous: client: support getfattr extended attribute
37823In Progressluminous: mds: output client IP of blacklisted/evicted clients to cluster logAshish Singh
37908In Progressluminous: mds: wait shorter intervals to send beacon if laggyPrashant D
37989In Progressluminous: MDSMonitor: missing osdmon writeable checkPrashant D
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