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26943In Progressluminous: os/bluestore/ 1025: FAILED assert(buffer_bytes >= b->length) from ObjectStore/StoreTest.ColSplitTest2/2Jonathan Brielmaier
36145In Progressluminous: fsck: cid is improperly matched to oidNathan Cutler
36638In Progressluminous: rename does not old ref to replacement onode at old nameJonathan Brielmaier
36640Need More Infoluminous: Unable to recover from ENOSPC in BlueFSIgor Fedotov
36755In Progressluminous: _aio_log_start inflight overlap of 0x10000~1000 with [65536~4096]Jonathan Brielmaier
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21731Need More Infoluminous: ceph_test_objectstore fails ObjectStore/StoreTest.Synthetic/1 (filestore) buffer lengths mismatch expected 0x1a2c1 != actual 0x0
24826In Progressluminous: ccache tweaksVictor Denisov
25221Need More Infoluminous: common: Cond.h:C_SaferCond does not check done before calling cond.WaitInterval, creating a race conditionPrashant D
26919In Progressluminous: common: (mon) command sanitization accepts floats when Int type is defined resulting in exception fault in ceph-monNathan Cutler
36521Need More Infoluminous: ceph-authtool reports 0 caps for any keyring createdNathan Cutler
37154In Progressluminous: tests: workunit does not log what it's doingNathan Cutler
37272In Progressluminous: ceph-mgr: blocking requests sent to restful api server hangs sometimesNathan Cutler
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22386In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse mount failed because no mds Nathan Cutler
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36080Verifiedluminous: aarch64: Compiler-based detection of crc32 extended CPU type is brokenKefu Chai
36391Newluminous: No linker time hardening in ceph rpm builds
  fs 21 Collapse all/Expand all
24759In Progressluminous: test gets ENOSPC from bluestore block deviceVenky Shankar
24929Need More Infoluminous: qa: test_recovery_pool tries asok on wrong nodePatrick Donnelly
32091Need More Infoluminous: mds: migrate strays part by part when shutdown mdsNathan Cutler
36147Need More Infoluminous: mds: fix instances of wrongly sending client messages outside of MDSRank::send*Patrick Donnelly
36200Newluminous: mds: fix mds damaged due to unexpected journal lengthPatrick Donnelly
36206In Progressluminous: nfs-ganesha: ceph_fsal_setattr2 returned Operation not permittedPrashant D
36217In Progressluminous: Some cephfs tool commands silently operate on only rank 0, even if multiple ranks existVenky Shankar
36279In Progressluminous: qa: RuntimeError: FSCID 10 has no rank 1Prashant D
36281In Progressluminous: mds: add drop_cache commandVenky Shankar
36309In Progressluminous: doc: Typo error on cephfs/fuse/Jos Collin
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