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26943Newluminous: os/bluestore/ 1025: FAILED assert(buffer_bytes >= b->length) from ObjectStore/StoreTest.ColSplitTest2/2
  Ceph 14 Collapse all/Expand all
21731Need More Infoluminous: ceph_test_objectstore fails ObjectStore/StoreTest.Synthetic/1 (filestore) buffer lengths mismatch expected 0x1a2c1 != actual 0x0
24774In Progressluminous: Mimic build fails with -DWITH_RADOSGW=0Nathan Cutler
24804In Progressluminous: Python bindings use iteritems method which is not Python 3 compatibleNathan Cutler
24824In Progressluminous: broken on py3-only systemNathan Cutler
24826In Progressluminous: ccache tweaksVictor Denisov
24979In Progressluminous: tries to use dirname without mandatory parameterNathan Cutler
25221Need More Infoluminous: common: Cond.h:C_SaferCond does not check done before calling cond.WaitInterval, creating a race conditionPrashant D
26919Newluminous: common: (mon) command sanitization accepts floats when Int type is defined resulting in exception fault in ceph-mon
35537Newluminous: Bad URL for unmap.t in krbd run
35929Newluminous: mon/OSDMonitor: cancel_report causes obsolete max_failed_since
35935Newluminous: OSDMapMapping does not handle active.size() > pool size
35960Newluminous: assert(total_data_size % sinfo.get_chunk_size() == 0) with ec overwrite flag set
35981Newluminous: ceph-disk: is_mounted() returns None for mounted OSDs with Python 3
35991In Progressluminous: ceph-objectstore-tool apply-layout-settings optional target level can't be specified.David Zafman
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22386In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse mount failed because no mds Nathan Cutler
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36080Verifiedluminous: aarch64: Compiler-based detection of crc32 extended CPU type is brokenKefu Chai
  fs 39 Collapse all/Expand all
22504In Progressluminous: client may fail to trim as many caps as MDS asked forZheng Yan
24759Need More Infoluminous: test gets ENOSPC from bluestore block device
24842In Progressluminous: qa: move mds/client config to qa from teuthology ceph.conf.templateNathan Cutler
24862In Progressluminous: ceph_volume_client: allow atomic update of RADOS objectsPatrick Donnelly
24912Newluminous: qa: multifs requires 4 mds but gets only 2
24929In Progressluminous: qa: test_recovery_pool tries asok on wrong nodePrashant D
24934In Progressluminous: cephfs-journal-tool: wrong layout info usedNathan Cutler
25033In Progressluminous: "Health check failed: 1 MDSs report slow requests (MDS_SLOW_REQUEST)" in powercycleNathan Cutler
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