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23009Newluminous: Filestore rocksdb compaction readahead option not set by default
22940In Progressluminous: Double free in rados_getxattrs_nextPrashant D
22911In Progressluminous: ceph-objectstore-tool: "$OBJ get-omaphdr" and "$OBJ list-omap" scan all pgs instead of using specific pgDavid Zafman
22856In Progressluminous: build Debian installation packages failureNathan Cutler
22769In Progressluminous: allow client requests to preempt scrubSage Weil
21731Newluminous: ceph_test_objectstore fails ObjectStore/StoreTest.Synthetic/1 (filestore) buffer lengths mismatch expected 0x1a2c1 != actual 0x0
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22386Newluminous: ceph-fuse mount failed because no mds
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23016In Progressluminous: mds: assert when inode moves during scrubPrashant D
23015Newluminous: client: coredump when nfs-ganesha use ceph_ll_get_inode()
23013In Progressluminous: mds: LOCK_SYNC_MIX state makes "getattr" operations extremely slow when there are lots of clients issue writes or reads to the same filePrashant D
22972Need More Infoluminous: mds: move remaining containers in CDentry/CDir/CInode to mempoolPatrick Donnelly
22971In Progressluminous: mon: removing tier from an EC base pool is forbidden, even if allow_ec_overwrites is setPrashant D
22969In Progressluminous: mds: session reference leakPrashant D
22967In Progressluminous: Journaler::flush() may flush less data than expected, which causes flush waiter to hangPrashant D
22966In Progressluminous: kclient: Test failure: test_full_same_file (tasks.cephfs.test_full.TestClusterFull) Prashant D
22936In Progressluminous: client: readdir bugPrashant D
22935In Progressluminous: client: setattr should drop "Fs" rather than "As" for mtime and sizePrashant D
22891In Progressluminous: qa: kcephfs lacks many configurations in the fs/multimds suitesPrashant D
22862In Progressluminous: cephfs-journal-tool: may got assertion failure due to not shutdownPrashant D
22696Newluminous: client: dirty caps may never get the chance to flush
22688In Progressluminous: client: fails to release to revoking FcPatrick Donnelly
22504Newluminous: client may fail to trim as many caps as MDS asked for
22383Newluminous: qa: src/test/libcephfs/ Expected: (len) > (0), actual: -34 vs 0
22239Newluminous: provide a way to look up snapshotted inodes by vinodeno_t
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22983In Progressluminous: balancer should warn about missing requirementsxie xingguo
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