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21525Newluminous: client: dual client segfault with racing ceph_shutdown
21523Newluminous: selinux denies getattr on lnk sysfs files
21504In Progressceph-disk omits "--runtime" when enabling ceph-osd@$ID.service units for device-backed OSDsSage Weil
21439In Progressluminous: Performance: Slow OSD startup, heavy LevelDB activityNathan Cutler
21372In Progressluminous: Add export and remove ceph-objectstore-tool command optionNathan Cutler
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21520Newluminous: In upgrade/jewel-x/point-to-point-x, the -x s3-tests runs before client is upgraded to -x
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21517Need Reviewluminous: qa: kcephfs: client-limits: whitelist "MDS cache too large"Patrick Donnelly
21516Need Reviewluminous: qa: kcephfs: ignore warning on expected mds failoverPatrick Donnelly
21515Need Reviewluminous: qa: kcephfs: missing whitelist for evicted clientPatrick Donnelly
21514Need Reviewluminous: ceph_volume_client: snapshot dir name hardcodedPatrick Donnelly
21472In Progressluminous: qa: ignorable "MDS cache too large" warningNathan Cutler
21359In Progressluminous: racy is_mounted() checks in libcephfsNathan Cutler
21324In Progressluminous: ceph: tell mds.* results in warningNathan Cutler
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21524Newluminous: DaemonState members accessed outside of locks
21479In Progressluminous: Services reported with blank hostname by mgrNathan Cutler
21452In Progressluminous: prometheus module generates invalid output when counter names contain non-alphanum charactersNathan Cutler
21443In Progressluminous: Prometheus crash when updateNathan Cutler
21320In Progressluminous: Quieten scary RuntimeError from restful module on startupNathan Cutler
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21465In Progressluminous: OSD metadata 'backend_filestore_dev_node' is "unknown" even for simple deploymentNathan Cutler
21438In Progressluminous: luminous: Daemons(OSD, Mon...) exit abnormally at injectargs commandNathan Cutler
21374In Progressluminous: incorrect erasure-code space in command ceph dfAbhishek Lekshmanan
21343In Progressluminous: DNS SRV default service name not used anymoreNathan Cutler
21307In Progressluminous: Client client.admin marked osd.2 out, after it was down for 1504627577 secondsNathan Cutler
21283In Progressluminous: spurious MON_DOWN, apparently slow/laggy monAbhishek Lekshmanan
21236In Progressluminous: build_initial_pg_history doesn't update up/acting/etc Nathan Cutler
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