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  bluestore 2 Collapse all/Expand all
24247Newluminous: SharedBlob::put() racy
24260Newluminous: bluestore: flush_commit is racy
  Ceph 3 Collapse all/Expand all
21731Need More Infoluminous: ceph_test_objectstore fails ObjectStore/StoreTest.Synthetic/1 (filestore) buffer lengths mismatch expected 0x1a2c1 != actual 0x0
23072In Progressluminous: build from tarball doesn't use bundled boost
24043In Progressluminous: java compile error: Source/Target option 1.5 is not supported since jdk 9Kefu Chai
  ceph-qa-suite 1 Collapse all/Expand all
22386Newluminous: ceph-fuse mount failed because no mds
  fs 45 Collapse all/Expand all
22239Newluminous: provide a way to look up snapshotted inodes by vinodeno_t
22504Need More Infoluminous: client may fail to trim as many caps as MDS asked forPatrick Donnelly
22696In Progressluminous: client: dirty caps may never get the chance to flushPatrick Donnelly
23015Newluminous: client: coredump when nfs-ganesha use ceph_ll_get_inode()
23157In Progressluminous: mds: underwater dentry check in CDir::_omap_fetched is racyNathan Cutler
23308In Progressluminous: doc: Fix -d option in ceph-fuse docJos Collin
23475In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse: trim ceph-fuse -V outputJos Collin
23638In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse: getgroups failure causes exceptionPatrick Donnelly
23641Newluminous: auth|doc: fs authorize error for existing credentials confusing/unclearCeph - v13.0.0
23642Newluminous: mds: the number of inode showed by "mds perf dump" not correct after trimming Ceph - v13.0.0
23669Newluminous: doc: create doc outlining steps to bring down clusterCeph - v13.0.0
23671In Progressluminous: mds: MDBalancer using total (all time) request count in load statisticsZheng YanCeph - v13.0.0
23698In Progressluminous: mds: load balancer fixesZheng Yan
23704In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse: broken directory permission checkingPrashant DCeph - v13.0.0
23770In Progressluminous: ceph-fuse: return proper exit codePrashant D
23790Need More Infoluminous: mds: crash during shutdown_pass
23818In Progressluminous: client: add option descriptions and review levels (e.g. LEVEL_DEV)Prashant D
23833Newluminous: MDSMonitor: crash after assigning standby-replay daemon in multifs setupPatrick Donnelly
23835In Progressluminous: mds: fix occasional dir rstat inconsistency between multi-MDSesPrashant D
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