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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
432CephCleanupNewLowuse STL find() and iterators instead of count()Amit Kumar07/26/2017 11:33 AM
424phpradosFeatureNewNormalStream wrappersWido den Hollander10/31/2014 02:21 PM
387Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormalexpose directory subtree partition/replication/fragmentation via ceph.* xattrs10/14/2014 09:12 AM
364CephFeatureNewLowosd: leave gap after journal entries to avoid full disk rotation08/31/2011 09:57 PMOSD
358fsFeatureNewNormalmds: efficient revert to snapshot07/13/2016 11:28 PMSnapshots
311CephCleanupNewNormalosd: remove read(len=0) full object behavior11/09/2010 10:26 AM
299CephCleanupNewNormalcatch std::bad_alloc and die with helpful error in log on ENOMEM09/01/2011 09:31 AM
266fsFeatureNewNormalmount.ceph: specify secret via name=foo and keyring=bar07/13/2016 05:59 AMAdministration/Usability
206Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormalmake a 'soft' mode03/05/2012 10:49 AM
147Linux kernel clientBugNewLowlockdep: possible irq lock inversion dependency w/ osdc->request_mutex and con->mutex04/30/2013 09:21 AM
119Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormalavoid looping connect/retry errors on console03/05/2012 10:49 AM
118fsFeatureNewLowkclient: clean pages when throwing out dirty metadata on session teardownZheng Yan09/27/2017 02:44 PMCode Hygiene
90fsFeatureNewNormalmds: don't sync log on every clientreplay request07/13/2016 05:11 AMPerformance/Resource Usage
85CephFeatureNewNormalosd: pg_num shrink08/14/2012 12:15 PMOSD
83fsFeatureNewNormalmds: rename over old files should flush data or revert to old contents?07/13/2016 11:47 PMCorrectness/Safety
25Linux kernel clientFeatureNewLowmdsc: mempool for cap writeback?08/29/2014 09:14 AMscrub
24Linux kernel clientFeatureNewNormalmdsc: preallocate reply msgs11/10/2015 06:26 PM
20fsFeatureNewNormalmds: allow client reconnect while up:active07/19/2016 11:26 PMAdministration/Usability
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