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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category Target version Tags
5632rgwSupportNewNormalUnable to use Swift when creating/updating custom container metadata09/24/2014 05:59 AM
5611rgwFeatureVerifiedNormalrgw: swift GET request for object with custom metadata should show custom metadata08/15/2013 02:32 PM
5610rgwFeatureNewNormalrgw: Creating a container with ACL metadata does not retain metadata when using swift API07/11/2013 04:45 PM
5591rbdBugNewLowrbd-fuse crashes repeatedly under light load08/09/2016 12:33 AM
5545CalamariFixNewNormalUI: Admin - Password Retrieval01/08/2016 08:32 PMUI
5520fsFeatureNewHighosdc: should handle namespaces07/30/2018 05:14 PMCeph - v14.0.0
5514RADOSBugNewNormalmon: can get stuck in tight loop with old rotating keys06/11/2017 06:48 PMPerformance/Resource Usage
5498fsFixNewNormalclient: report actual file count instead of object count07/13/2016 11:47 PMCorrectness/Safetynew-dev
5486fsFeatureNewNormalkclient: make it work with selinux06/08/2018 05:36 PMAdministration/UsabilityCeph - v14.0.0
5419CephFeatureNewNormalcephtool: sanitize extra args before configuring cluster handle06/21/2013 12:48 PM
5397devopsFeatureFeedbackNormalterminate ceph-create-keys when its mon process dies04/25/2014 10:00 AM
5388CephFixVerifiedHighosd: localized reads (from replicas) reordered wrt writes11/13/2013 01:47 PMOSD
5350rgwFeatureNewNormalrgw: copy object metadata should include omap data for object08/15/2013 02:30 PMdr
5335rbdFeatureNewNormalqa: test that kernel rbd and librbd can read images written by each other08/16/2013 01:29 PM
5298RADOSBugNewLowmon: "setting" CRUSH tunables to their current values creates a map06/11/2017 06:48 PMPerformance/Resource Usage
5284CephDocumentationNewNormalcrushtool's manpage is very out of dateJohn Wilkins11/07/2013 11:36 AM
5280CephFeatureNewNormalosd/client: messages should be tagged with the earliest sane map07/04/2013 07:52 PM
5279CephFixIn ProgressNormalpipeline large object recovery06/19/2013 03:42 PM
5243CephTasksNewNormalosd testing: create peering speed test08/15/2013 07:27 PMOSD
5241fsFixNewNormalMDS: not valgrind (leak) clean07/13/2016 05:37 AMCode Hygiene
5219rgwFeatureNewNormal"radosgw-admin user check" should handle non-existent buckets in index05/31/2013 01:17 PM
5218rgwFeatureVerifiedNormalrgw: make bucket removal "atomic"06/07/2013 12:58 PM
5212rbdDocumentationVerifiedNormaldoc: link to recommended kernel version from pages that describe using kernel clientsJohn Wilkins06/07/2013 11:52 AM
5207rgwFeatureNewNormalrgw: make listing non-standard bucket names through S3 api configurable05/30/2013 11:09 AM
5181CephDocumentationNewNormalneed to explain what does and doesn't work with ceph-deploy and preexisting partitionsJohn Wilkins11/07/2013 11:19 AM
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