Bug #36686

osd: pg log hard limit can cause crash during upgrade

Added by Josh Durgin about 1 month ago. Updated 24 days ago.

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luminous, mimic
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During an upgrade from an earlier version, a primary running the new code will send a trim_to value to a replica that triggers an assert in the old code in certain circumstances. Namely, when the pg log is being trimmed beyond info.last_clean, during backfill.

This can be triggered by the luminous-x:stress-split suite with a small pg log to force backfill. In this run upgrading from 12.2.5 (no hard limit) to mimic (hard limit present) with osd_min_pg_log_entries = 1 and osd_max_pg_log_entries = 2 to force more backfilling, we hit this assert:

/builddir/build/BUILD/ceph-12.2.5/src/osd/ 170: FAILED assert(trim_to <= info.last_complete)

ceph version 12.2.5-42.0.TEST.bz1636267.el7cp (559ef7e0c955a21506efea93cfccafcf153e74b7) luminous (stable)
1: (ceph::__ceph_assert_fail(char const*, char const*, int, char const*)+0x110) [0x7f64c7427db0]
2: (PGLog::trim(eversion_t, pg_info_t&)+0x26f) [0x7f64c6fc4b8f]
3: (PG::append_log(std::vector<pg_log_entry_t, std::allocator<pg_log_entry_t> > const&, eversion_t, eversion_t, ObjectStore::Transaction&, bool)+0x36d) [0x7f64c6f4f23d]
4: (PrimaryLogPG::log_operation(std::vector<pg_log_entry_t, std::allocator<pg_log_entry_t> > const&, boost::optional<pg_hit_set_history_t> const&, eversion_t const&, eversion_t const&, bool, ObjectStore::Transaction&)+0x74) [0x7f64c7066344]
5: (ECBackend::handle_sub_write(pg_shard_t, boost::intrusive_ptr<OpRequest>, ECSubWrite&, ZTracer::Trace const&, Context*)+0x31a) [0x7f64c718eaea]
6: (ECBackend::_handle_message(boost::intrusive_ptr<OpRequest>)+0x327) [0x7f64c719f6e7]
7: (PGBackend::handle_message(boost::intrusive_ptr<OpRequest>)+0x50) [0x7f64c709fdb0]
8: (PrimaryLogPG::do_request(boost::intrusive_ptr<OpRequest>&, ThreadPool::TPHandle&)+0x59c) [0x7f64c700b2cc]
9: (OSD::dequeue_op(boost::intrusive_ptr<PG>, boost::intrusive_ptr<OpRequest>, ThreadPool::TPHandle&)+0x3f9) [0x7f64c6e8e9c9]
10: (PGQueueable::RunVis::operator()(boost::intrusive_ptr<OpRequest> const&)+0x57) [0x7f64c7111ea7]
11: (OSD::ShardedOpWQ::_process(unsigned int, ceph::heartbeat_handle_d*)+0xfce) [0x7f64c6ebdace]
12: (ShardedThreadPool::shardedthreadpool_worker(unsigned int)+0x839) [0x7f64c742d8c9]
13: (ShardedThreadPool::WorkThreadSharded::entry()+0x10) [0x7f64c742f860]
14: (()+0x7dc5) [0x7f64c41dddc5]
15: (clone()+0x6d) [0x7f64c32d276d]

We can avoid this by adding an osdmap flag to enable the hard limit, dependent on OSDs reporting a pg log hard limit feature bit, similar to how we handled recovery deletes.

A workaround for users is to upgrade and restart all OSDs to a version with the pg hard limit, or only upgrade when all PGs are active+clean.

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Duplicated by rgw - Bug #36706: Ceph ECBackend: assert fail at PGLog::trim Duplicate 11/06/2018


#1 Updated by Neha Ojha about 1 month ago

The immediate fix is to revert this for luminous before 12.2.9:

#2 Updated by Nathan Cutler about 1 month ago

Neha, 12.2.9 has already been cut, so we'll need to expedite 12.2.10 to push the revert out to users.

#3 Updated by Nathan Cutler about 1 month ago

Also, is this bug reproducible in master and mimic as well? If not, the Backport field should probably be modified...

Nevermind, I should have read the description before opening my mouth.

#5 Updated by Nathan Cutler about 1 month ago

So, the luminous revert was merged. Neha, will there be a mimic revert as well? Since the pg hard limit patches are present in 13.2.2, will we need to revert them before we release 13.2.3?

#6 Updated by Neha Ojha about 1 month ago

Quoting my reply to ceph-devel for reference:

"Nathan, I don't think we want to revert it for 13.2.2.

This is because the pg log hard limit feature currently doesn't seem
to work well in a partial upgrade, recovery/backfill scenario. So,
even if we do revert it in 13.2.3, this still leaves us a chance of
going into a split scenario, where some osds in the field, running
13.2.2(with hard limit code) and others on 13.2.3(without the code),
may encounter

Therefore, users who have succesfully upgraded to 13.2.2, shouldn't be
at any risk.
For users trying to upgrade to a version >= 13.2.2, I am going to make
a note of this issue and add the suggested workaround in Pending
Release Notes for mimic."

#8 Updated by Nathan Cutler about 1 month ago

  • Duplicated by Bug #36706: Ceph ECBackend: assert fail at PGLog::trim added

#9 Updated by Sage Weil 24 days ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

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