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rados gateway failed to sync with openstack keystone

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Hi all.

ceph version :
ii ceph 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 distributed storage and file system
ii ceph-base 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 common ceph daemon libraries and management tools
ii ceph-common 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 common utilities to mount and interact with a ceph storage cluster
ii ceph-deploy 1.5.38 all Ceph-deploy is an easy to use configuration tool
ii ceph-fuse 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 FUSE-based client for the Ceph distributed file system
ii ceph-mds 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 metadata server for the ceph distributed file system
ii ceph-mgr 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 manager for the ceph distributed storage system
ii ceph-mon 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 monitor server for the ceph storage system
ii ceph-osd 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 OSD server for the ceph storage system
ii libcephfs2 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 Ceph distributed file system client library
ii python-cephfs 12.2.0-1xenial amd64 Python 2 libraries for the Ceph libcephfs library

openstack version : ocata

I install a ceph cluster and integration with openstack keystone use this guide.

This is ceph config radosgw.

host = hoannv-ceph-luminous-1
rgw_frontends = "civetweb port=80"
rgw keystone api version = 3
rgw keystone url =
rgw keystone admin user = admin
rgw keystone admin password = admin123
rgw keystone admin domain = Default
rgw keystone admin project = admin
rgw keystone admin tenant = admin
rgw_keystone_verify_ssl = false
#rgw_keystone_accepted_roles = admin
rgw_keystone_token_cache_size = 10
rgw_keystone_revocation_interval = 300
rgw s3 auth use keystone = true
rgw_keystone_make_new_tenants = true
rgw keystone implicit tenants = true

Openstack keystone log. - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-" - - [12/Sep/2017:14:35:50 +0700] "POST /v3/s3tokens HTTP/1.1" 404 415 "-" "-"

I found keystone api /v3/s3tokens not exist.
Now s3 api moved to swift3:

what version of ceph and openstack this intergration guide work?
How i can integration ceph radosgw and openstack keystone?




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For me locally with keystone v3 this url is working (ie. keystone endpoints 5000 url, what logs do you see from the keystone side that might indicate details on why POST requests from RGW are failing.

#5 Updated by Yehuda Sadeh 6 months ago

Is this still a problem for you?

#6 Updated by hoannv hoannv 6 months ago

Yehuda Sadeh wrote:

Is this still a problem for you?

It still error. I must change to keystone v2. It works.
But if openstack don't support v2. It not work.


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Yes. It worked. I updated to newest ceph.


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