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Feature #20606: mds: improve usability of cluster rank manipulation and setting cluster up/down

MDSMonitor: change "mds deactivate" to clearer "mds rejoin"

Added by Patrick Donnelly about 1 month ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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Rename `ceph mds deactivate` to `ceph mds rejoin`. This makes it clear an MDS is leaving and then rejoining the metadata cluster. It is not "deactivating" which to me means shutting down gently and not coming back. Running rejoin on a rank which will not result in the cluster shrinking (because max_mds has not changed) is now okay.


#1 Updated by Patrick Donnelly about 1 month ago

  • Needs Doc changed from No to Yes

#2 Updated by John Spray about 1 month ago

The trouble with "rejoin" is that it's also the name of one of the states the daemon passes through during startup.

#3 Updated by Zheng Yan about 1 month ago

I agree with john. rejoin is confusing for non-native English speaker

#4 Updated by Patrick Donnelly about 1 month ago

Agreed on "rejoin".

Okay so after a jog and some light thought, I would suggest "release" (i.e. the rank is released) or "flush" (i.e. the rank's session/journal is flushed).

In any case, this sub-ticket of #20606 interests me least so if no one thinks this is really worth changing, I'll close this.

#5 Updated by Nathan Cutler about 1 month ago

I like "flush". Also, "reactivate" occurred to me.

#6 Updated by Douglas Fuller about 1 month ago

I think "reset" would work well. I do think we should change it, though.

#7 Updated by Jan Fajerski about 1 month ago

I don't find deactivate so bad since this commands primarily deals with ranks (that just happened to be backed by a certain mds) iiuc. So if I'm not totally mistaken I think deactivate could stay and a doc change would suffice. I was actually about to propose this change.

#9 Updated by Kefu Chai 20 days ago

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