Backport #20412

test_remote_update_write (tasks.cephfs.test_quota.TestQuota) fails in Jewel 10.2.8 integration testing

Added by Nathan Cutler about 1 month ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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I dug into the logs. It looks like the MDS is not sending a quota update to the client. From a brief look at the code, it appears the quota updates are only broadcast for parents of the updated inode:

I'm not sure I see how this ever worked. I'll do more testing.

#3 Updated by John Spray about 1 month ago

Aargh, I think this might just be failing because this is a new test that was written for luminous, where client_quota is true by default -- this might pass on jewel if we update the test config to set client_quota (borrow the override from cfuse_workunit_quota.yaml into quota.yaml)

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John, that looks like the problem. Here's a PR:

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This test fails reproducibly on the wip-jewel-backports branch: fs/recovery/{clusters/4-remote-clients.yaml debug/mds_client.yaml dirfrag/frag_enable.yaml mounts/ceph-fuse.yaml tasks/quota.yaml xfs.yaml}

Test Run: smithfarm-2017-06-25_07:23:04-fs-wip-jewel-backports-distro-basic-smithi


Log of failing test:

The failure emanates from these lines:

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